About Us

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Sorry about that, remind me to sack the web guy.


Moving right along then.


STL Technology is a new company created to offer professional services to both the home and business I.T Markets. 


We aim to offer customers in the home the same high level of service and professionalism that is expected by business customers. At the same time

we aim to provide our business customers the simple straightfoward service expected by the average person, without any of the confusion or unnecessary

complexity often found in corporate I.T.


Hrmmm, I think we can do better than that don't you?


STL Technology, a one stop place for all sort of IT goodness, software, hardware, webware, evening wear ........ errrr, I mean, well you really should stop letting us get distracted like that.

Honestly, we'll never get anywear, anyware, anywhere at this rate.

Speaking of rates though, ours are great, no really, very competitive, you'll like them, trust us.