Virus Removal

Virus Removal


STL Technology offers a comprehensive virus removal service for all

PC's and Laptops. Unlike many other services ours automatically includes

checks for malware and spyware as well as viruses. Our service includes pick

up and drop off of your machine and we typically have a 24 - 48 hour turnaround

for most customers.


Standard Virus Removal (+ Malware & Spyware)

- $55.00


In some cases you may find your machine has been effected by a virus infection that is especially damaging. This can occur due to

a particulary nasty virus, infection by an unusually high number of different viruses or infection that has gone unnoticed for long

periods of time. Often people dismiss their computers behaviour as being 'contrary' when in fact its suffering from serious issues.


In these cases a Standard Virus Removal may not solve the problem. While in 99% of cases it will have removed all of the viruses

from your system, the system itself may have been damaged in the process to the extent where it is no longer capable of running

as it should.


If this should happen STL Technology offers a choice of two solutions should you still have your original Windows discs and license

keys. We can either

  1. Perform a "Repair Installation" to restore the damaged files, or
  2. Perform a "Clean installation", formatting your hard drive in the process.

Both options have their pros and cons and typically we let you decide which suits you better.


A "Repair Installation"  has the benefit of keeping all of your files and programs where they are and often fixes all the damage caused

by the virus. Unfortuneatly while this is the typical result there are times where it is not 100% succesful. In some cases the virus may have

cause damage to your other programs as well as the system files and you will find you need to have them reinstalled anyway.


A "Clean Installation" has the benefit of a 100% success rate in removing all traces of infection from your system, but at the cost of having

to format the hard drive. This means that afterward all of your files and programs will need to be restored to your system. Our service i

ncludes taking backups of your files and user accounts and restoring them afterwards.


Repair Installation of Windows (including file Backup)

- $55.00


Clean Installation of Windows (including file Backup and restore)

- $55.00