We're Back


All right then, we're back.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Ummmmm, let's stick with that story ok? It does sound much better than the other one about the bad hosting service and the expired registrations and all that......

It'll be our little secret, just you, me and ...... oh....... the whole interwebs I guess.


Moving right along then, and on to the important stuff.

Namely, we're back, everything is new and shiny, we've partnered with an amazing new hosting company and finally the servers can handle those gratuitious kitten pics you lot all love so much.

Ok, ok. So it's not a kitten, but he is wearing a hat, and it's made of rubber bands, so surely that's cute enough?


This really hasn't gone to plan at all has it.


Just remember though, something about flames and a bird or something.


Exciting isn't it.